Sensory-Friendly Performance Presentation Festival-Utah Shakespeare Festival

In an effort to serve people with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensitivity Sensitivity, or other similar disabilities, the Utah Shakespeare Festival recently announced that it will present sensitive-friendly performances from two of its most popular shows.

Error comedy, The twin sets of Shakespeare comedy will be screened at the Engelsstad Shakespeare Theater on September 8 at 8pm. The Pirates of Penzance, A ridiculous family musical, will be at the Randall L. Jones Theater on September 18 at 2 p.m.

During this special performance, sponsors will be able to enjoy the show in a welcoming, inclusive and comfortable place with family and friends. Half the price of the ticket, some extra tuition and group discounts are available. More information about the play is available online at www.bard.org, but tickets must be ordered by calling the ticket office at -00-Platix.

“The rules of the theater will be relaxed for this performance. Sponsors can feel free to respond to the show in their own way and without trial, ”said Michael Bahr, director of education. “This is our second time receiving this type of performance, and our sponsors have enjoyed it so much that we are doubling the number of performances this year.”

These changes include the following:

  • The lights in the house will be kept low so that the patrons can move around easily. Some patrons may want to stand or walk a bit.

  • Players will be able to express themselves, sing and clap or speak or make other sounds.

  • Players will have the freedom to take breaks during performances; They are welcome to come and go as needed. Crying rooms will be available for all patrons.

  • Players can bring a fidget toy or other cool object.

  • Players can look at phones and tablets during performances, or they can wear headphones.

“The changes will be environmental, not artistic, so that sponsors can enjoy the same artistic products seen during other performances,” Bahr said. “However, we may decide to dim or dim any strobe light or sudden, loud noise that may surprise the patrons.”

Children must be four years of age or older to participate in this performance. Properly worn masks are required at the Randall Theater, but not at the Engelstadt Theater.

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