Shanghai Disneyland shuts down after testing positive for covid inside more than 30,000 people

Wow! Shanghai health authorities were not playing on Sunday evening after a person tested positive inside the city’s Disneyland Park.

According to NPR, the city suddenly shut down Shanghai Disneyland with more than 30,000 people after a woman who came to the park on Saturday tested positive for coronavirus. The city also closed the metro station that serves the park and all visitors were given COVID tests.

Shanghai announced on Monday that all 33,863 Disneyland guests tested over the weekend had returned negative and authorities said they would have to test again before being allowed to leave the park. The park will be closed Monday and Tuesday to ensure appropriate preventive measures are taken, according to the Associated Press.

Many visitors are still waiting for the results of their second Covid test to be released from the park and officials have promised to refund or exchange any guest affected by the park closure.

Shanghai Disney Resort said on its website, “We will notify guests as soon as we receive a confirmed date for the reopening of our activities.” “Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!”

The sudden shutdown at Shanghai Disneyland is consistent with China’s efforts to stem the spread of the Covid-19. The country‚Äôs response to the spread of COVID is its strict citywide lockdown, quarantine mandate and other public health measures to stop the spread of the virus as soon as possible.

Chinese media outlets reported that an estimated 100,000 people visited the park between Saturday and Sunday, and that Shanghai health authorities planned to test them all.

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