Shannon Claremont in the ‘Claremont Twins’ post announces the risky picture that she used her own debit card to buy the item (Photo)

Shannon Claremont of the Claremont Twins posted a risky picture on Twitter with an interesting announcement. Shannad assured us that he was not running any scheme when he went out shopping.

In a photo apparently in the dressing room – posted with only a thong and a pullover – Shannad writes, ‘Rich P *** y Gial Shopping I used my own card that I promised,” which implies his conviction of cheating.

Once he posted the picture on social media, there were several thangs to tell people.

Someone said, “You should have gone to jail one last time[.]Another said, “Okay?” Well I think he learned his lesson. Another commenter added, “It’s a huge step[.]”

As you know, Shanade was sentenced to one year in prison in 2019-2019. He pleaded guilty James Alessie’s fraud for stealing debit-card information, which he described as his “Sugar Daddy” on the site. As reported, he died from an overdose after their date.

Before serving time, Shannad gave an interview to Page Six. “She wasn’t asleep when I left – she was just drunk,” he said. I wasn’t around people who took heavy drugs, so I didn’t really know. It was, ‘Oh, he was a drunken mess.’ I was upset. . . [I thought] He was playing games. So I left. “

Shanned admitted to taking his credit card and making luxurious purchases, however, he did not know about his death until later.

He kept saying, “From the outside, it looks like I knew he was dead and was like‘ haha ​​’. . . And it’s really sick. Shannon Clarmont was also present during the interview and said it was also “sick” for people that her sister knew Alessie was dead and did not call 911.

You probably know that the Claremont Twins got their big break on the reality show, “Bad Girls Club”.

Rumiz, what do you think about this?

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