Sher é Whitfield documents his ‘face contouring’ method which can cost upwards of 5,900.

Sher-Whitfield He’s taking his fans with him when he embarks on a journey of self-care!

Recently, Atlanta real housewife The former decided to revive her naturally beautiful facial features through a non-aggressive approach and shared the footage on social media. Below, learn about her experience before looking at side-by-side pictures of her stunning transformation.

On Monday (September 20), visited Whitfield Dr. Simon Orion Epion Beverly Hills will receive a “face contouring” treatment. In the Instagram video, the television personality is seen to take an instant look.

“Okay, I got a lot of messages about my experience on #Epione,” the 51-year-old captioned the video. “I am very happy with my results from on simonourianmd1.”

He continued, “The experience was the best !! I saw his work over the years and finally decided to give it a try. I’m so glad I did !! He and his staff are so sweet and amazing!”

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The mother of three has revealed that she is concerned about prioritizing self-care. “Friends, here’s a little tweak and okay if you feel like it, remember you have to take care of your skin first … which I’m proud to do!”

She said, “Beware of my new skin care line … she’s coming soon and go check on Dr. Simon … her work speaks for itself!”

Click here to see results before and after posted by a professional dermatologist.

If you are wondering, non-surgical facial contouring treatment is available exclusively at Epion Beverly Hills. According to the company’s Instagram photos, instant and non-surgical procedures are designed to improve the jaw, chin and cheeks for immediate results. Although the technique of using multi-micro-droplet injection takes only 15-minutes and has a zero recovery time, it is important to note that “individual results may vary.”

Treatment can cost between $ 3900- $ 5900 per area depending on the reported results and the product used.

Sher 6 is already beautiful, but we think the results are amazing!

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