Simon Gallup says he is back to healing

Simon Gallup says he’s back with The Cure playing lightning.

At first, his recent reunion was seemingly certain. In August, Gallup wrote on his personal Facebook page “With a little heavy heart I’m no longer a member of Healing!” In a recent social media post (as first reported NME), Gallup responded to a fan’s tweet by asking “Is Simon still a member of The Cure?”, A simple “Yes I am.”

Spin Reached out to representatives of The Cure for further clarification, and if Gallup really comes back to the band.

Gallup joined The Cure in 1979 after contributing to Robert Smith’s side-project Cult Hero, and then left in 1982. Pornography Tour for two years. After rejoining in 1984, and a short leave due to hospitalization with Plurisy in 1992, Gallup stands as the second longest serving member of The Cure after Smith.

In 2018 The Irish Times Smith reported that if Gallup left the band, “it wouldn’t be called The Cure.” He also informed Sunday Times This summer he believes The Cure’s next record could be their last: “I don’t think we’ll do anything else. I certainly can’t do it anymore. ”

Still, in SpinThe healing feature of 1989, Smith said, “No, come to think of it, I don’t think healing will end, but I can make an end if you want.” We just have to sit back and wait for the last one to be chosen by The Cure.

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