Skeletons to re-flavor lime and permanently green apples

It seems that the skittles are taking us back to the gap, the way they are coming back to the rainbow with the taste of lime.

In a press release, Skittles announced that the flavor, which has been gone for almost eight years, is coming back.

In 2013, the flavor was replaced with green apple flavor. According to people, green apples have surpassed lime in taste tests. But lime-flavored skittles were still offered in limited editions.

“Green Apple has run well, but fans have spoken and it’s time to return to the lime rainbow,” Fernando Rodriguez, Rigley’s senior brand manager, said in a statement. “What better way to bring a better moment to our loyal fans, than to return the most asked about the smell? The joy of lime can no longer be denied. It’s back. This time for the better. Those who like skittles can expect a taste of lime in October.

Although green apples are going away, lemons are the least favorite.

In 2019 – celebrating the 30th anniversary of the iconic “Test the Rainbow” tagline – Skittles conducted a survey of adult customers in the United States to understand their preferences and found that America is not insane about yellow skittals. , Only 6%, ”people report.

Speaking of new flavors, cup noodles are revealing a new pumpkin spice flavor.

According to Fox 11, the noodles will be available in October, “Nissin Foods announced on Monday its new Flavor Cup: Pumpkin Spice. The new pumpkin spice-flavored instant noodles from Cup Noodles will hit the shelves of Walmart in late October.

Looks like a few new things will be added this fall. Rumiz, are you all with it?

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