Sneakers announced the new Cinnamon Bun Flavor Set Store hit this month

# Roommates, now that fall is finally upon us, it means that many of your favorite things are changing into new flavors – and fan-favorite candy bar sneakers have something new to tempt your tastes. In a recent announcement, Sneakers has revealed its new Cinnamon Ban flavor that will hit stores for a limited time this month.

Sneakers are bringing a delicious surprise this month and all you have to do to try it is simply head to your local Walmart. Sneakers have just announced that it has one of the newest flavors of the fall, Cinnamon, because its Cinnamon Ban creation is ready for fans to enjoy. As an “oven-fresh-inspired bakery bite mixed with cinnamon bun-flavored nougat, topped with battered caramel, and coated in rich milk chocolate,” this flavor seems to be your standout for Halloween candy this year.

Michelle Degan, Mars Wrigley Senior Brand Director, Vent Seventeen reports, summarizes the taste of the new sneakers:

“We aim to surprise our fans with the experience of exuberant and delicious taste as we continue to provide better moments and more smiles through new innovations for our fans. “Sneakers Cinnamon Bun delivers a classic scent that welcomes the autumn season and provides a moment of comfort with the taste and texture that only sneakers can provide.”

Sneakers Cinnamon Bun is available in a 1.5-ounce single bar or 24-count box. Once you try them and like the taste, you must buy as much as possible because they will go away at the end of the month.

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