Sources say Teyana Taylor did not host the Los Angeles Halloween party where the gunfight began.

The “news travels fast” proverb may be true, but information may not always be that way. This is what happened in the case of the chat-chat surrounding one of Teyana Taylor’s recent outings. A story has begun to circulate on social media detailing the armed robbery at a Teyana Halloween party. Now, a reliable source has revealed to The Shade Room that the story was wrong in the initial report.

The first Miss Detail source clarified that the reason for being at the party is Teyana. Apparently, the Mughals did not plan or sponsor the function. Instead, the publishers in the Sunset Room invited him to attend the event as a guest.

Although he gave the standard celebrity walk-through, our sources make it clear that the party is not in power in any way.

TMZ, in particular, reported that three armed men tried to cross “3 women standing in a car outside the club.” The story was published on their site on Sunday morning. Allegedly, one of the thieves also whipped a woman with a pistol. However, before they can finish their crime, they interfere with the security of the club and “gunfight” with the robbers.

Again, our source denies that the incident was disclosed in this way. In their version of events, no one was pistol-whipped. Moreover, there were allegations of attempted theft from the club across the street.

At some point during the encounter, the security of the club notices what is happening. To intervene, security forces were reportedly firing into the air. The gunmen are said to have snatched the two, but we are not sure if they fled the scene with the bags.

Our source did not disclose additional details. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Video footage from inside the club shows Teyana exploding. The talented entertainer wore a casual outfit while hitting his smooth dance moves.

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