Soya Lee shoots her in the almost naked Lizo

Lizo is waving waves with her almost naked crystal dress she came to Cardi B’s birthday party earlier this week.

Her sexy outfit has garnered criticism and praise from many people across social media, but she has also caught the eye of a fellow artist who saw her shots on Twitter late Wednesday night.

Lizo shared a photo of her in a gown, holding her breasts as well as standing with her head down. Under the collage shared on Twitter, Soya Lee decides to look into some of her heart and eyes that she likes what she sees.

Soya Lee is not the only one who thinks that Lizo liked that hot leu. Jasmine Sullivan also went to bat for Lizo, while Lizo’s body was applauded by critics.

Below a photo of Lizo on Hollywood Unlock’s Instagram page, someone mentions two women and compares their weights.

“Something went wrong with her. The girl Adele and Jazmin Sullivan had surgery and went ahead. Because that’s what you’re going to do in the end,” the commenter wrote.

Jazmin can tell the person that Lizo is OK as he has a little grammar correction for the commenter.

“She looks beautiful. She’s beautiful. You too,” Jazmin wrote.

Lizo’s look has caused a lot of controversy on social media. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

Lizo’s fans also argued that Rihanna wore the perfect look similar to the previous Met Gala but Riha’s dress was celebrated, there was no annoyance.

Despite all the noise online, Lizo seemed to be paying no heed to the haters and Soya Lee certainly seemed to be a fan. Will you be here for these two as a couple? Let us know!

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