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Peoria Riverfront – Peoria, IL May 31, 2019

Incoded Entertainment and 105.7 X Spring Fling Festival brings Peoria Riverfront back. The Central Illinois area needs to grow from just a one-night concert series to a 2-day Rock and Metal Festival. The opening day started with the 3AM project, Burden of the Sky, Memphis May Fire, Asking Alexandria and Headliners A Day to Ramber.

3AM project

A resident of Peoria, the IL local favorite 3AM project has been on the local scene for almost 20 years. I have personally seen these guys evolve into small clubs, back alley warehouses as well as playing random shows throughout the area. It was a wonderful sight to set foot on the big stage. Vocalist Denver, lead guitar Bobby, bassist Bob, and drummer Joey forcibly took the stage. Celebrating 6 studio albums is no surprise that they can still bring people out.

3AM Project Official Facebook

The burden of the sky

From the twin city of Bloomington, IL Burden of the Sky is celebrating the May 2019 release of their new album Without fear, Vocalist Scottie James, guitarist and founders Brad Shaw and Josh Apple, bassist Dustin Tritsch, keyboardist Mike Mahney and drummer Rick Streiter stopped by on a tour to show some love to the river town. Their popular single “Siren” with “The Puppeter” and “Catalyst” clearly shows why these guys are looking forward to following their word without fear.

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Memphis can be excited

Nashville, TN is the home of this powerhouse band. Mattie Mullens, Kellen McGregor lead guitarist, bassist Corey Elder and drummer Jake Garland took the stage to the full crowd. Rising to the top of the new album Broken Their songs, such as “The Old Me”, “Vices”, and “Stay the Course” captivated fans with how metallic musicians can create sounds like each other together.

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To ask Alexandria

Asking Alexandria from the other end of the pond in the UK, their fifth self-titled album is currently climbing the charts. Danny Pooja’s vocals with guitarists Ben Bruce and Cameron Liddell, bassists Sam Beatley and James Castles have already rocked the wild crowd. The songs “Vulture” “Alone in the Room”, and “Run Free” show why they are a touring powerhouse that has played every major rock festival in the world.

Ask the official website of Alexandria

Day to remember

A day to remember Florida residents made headlines for the first day of the festival, and fans couldn’t be more energetic and happy to see them. Lead musicians Jeremy McKinnon, guitarists Neil Westfall and Kevin Schaff, bassist Joshua Woodardom and drummer Alex Shelnat returned to the Midwest to shout “ADTR” to a huge crowd, “Second Sucks” and “Right Back Again Again”. With their Raisin Hell in the Heartland tour set to begin, fans were able to get a glimpse of the peak on the upcoming tour. The finishing band with “The Downfall of You All” walked off the stage as if they were explosives!

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