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Peoria Riverfront – Peoria, IL June 1, 201

Reviews and photos by Jeremy Rickman JK R Photography

Incodated Entertainment warmed up the second day and 105.7 X started the day with a pre-party stage that included some amazing talents including Cole Hall, Beyond Threshold, Dark Lit Sky, Joyce Wolf and Headliners Bakchari.

Cole hollow

Opening the day is the Peoria Trio, another city made up of vocalist / lead guitarist Austin Smith, bassist Alex Hiegel and drummer Daniel Bergamini. This blues rock band combined with intense reefs with psychedelic tones certainly shows the impact of their many generations from Hendrix to Sublime. The songs “Vices”, “Mimosa”, and “Roll” were certainly favorites. Getting ready to record their second album with music videos and the first tour is definitely a band when they visit.

Dark light sky

Brand New Peoria Band Dark Lit Sky is its stage with its first live stage show. Although it was an debut fan and you really wouldn’t believe it. Their strength and stage presence showed an experienced team or talented musicians. Vocalist Cody Rowe, guitarist Matt Trumpy and TJ Duckwiler, bassist Scott Tillison and drummer John Dale have a great set list and perfect sound that was a fan at their feet.

Dark Lit Sky Official Facebook

Exceeding the limit

Chicago certainly knows how some great bands are born. Coming together in 2011, it has crossed the threshold and rocked metallic fans across the Midwest with a unique brand of hardcore metal. Open to powerhouse bands they have built their own following each show at a time. Playing songs from Survive to fight The albums “Subsequent”, “Downside”, and “Justify the Means” clearly prove that they actually follow the fans’ desire to push anything and anyone to the threshold.

Official Facebook beyond the limit

Joyful Wolf

Formed in 2014 and fusing the sounds of heavy metal and delta blues, Joyce Wolf began when a talented group of boys met in 6th grade and saw the immediate possibility of coming together to create an amazing combination of music. Nick Reese’s vocals, Blake Allard’s guitar reef, Greg Braccio’s deep bass and Robert Sodaro’s thunder drums are like no other. Their songs “Unwanted”, “Had Enough” and “Mother Rebel” certainly show the flow of these four. Their EP album Place in time Need to make a certain pick and jam out.

Anand’s Wolf Official Facebook


Formed in 1995 in Los Angeles, California Bakchari rocked the world with their old school rock and roll vibe. Celebrating their eighth album Full formal decorations The boys took the stage to head the party stage at Spring Fling. Vocalist Josh Todd, lead guitarist Kevin Rentzen, rhythm guitarist Stevie D, bassist Kelly Lemieux and drummer Francis Ruiz added to the crowd! After opening the set with the cover of the nine-inch nail “Head Like a Hole”, the closing Peoria Riverfront was shaken with the hit “Radio Song”, “2 Drunk” and the ever-popular “Crazy Beach”. This down to earth band should always be caught while they are in town and always makes every show like any other event.

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