Start the party with TIDAL’s newly released HBCU Homecoming playlist

It’s that time of year when historically alumni of historically black colleges and universities (HBCU) gather to return home সপ্তাহ a week-long celebration of the Black College experience.

On and off campus, there are seemingly non-stop reunions at events where there are cooking, marching bands, concerts, fashion shows and of course horrible parties where old friends jam the popular music of their college year. It is a celebration of black culture and excellence.

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But in 2020, the Kovid-1 pandemic epidemic forced HBCU to abandon traditional theatrical homecomings, as many of them leaned towards virtual experiences. In a country of safe running, schools are taking different approaches this year, as the country emerges from the epidemic.

This year, Morehouse College has canceled the Homecoming Festival scheduled for October 10 and Howard University, the administration plans to return to a hybrid home this year, October 16-24 which will have both personal and virtual events.

So to keep the spirit of HBCU Homecomings alive, digital streaming service TIDAL has recently released playlists for all the festivals. The Global Music Streaming Platform says its HBCU Homecoming is a central hub dedicated to the music, culture and collegiate experience at HBCU.

There are eleven separate playlist hub pages that feature a variety of exciting themes as well as Black College homecoming celebrations. They include a 34-track “HBCU Anthems” list Young Uner “Tear it up”; Shaoti Lo “They know”; And Roscoe Dash And Solja boys “All the way turn up.”

There’s also a “Black Excellence” list, which has hits like “Entrepreneur” Ferrell And J-Z, By “Grinding All My Life,” Nipse husle, And by “Mo Money Mo Problem,” The infamous Big

If you are in BGLO (Black Greek-Lettered Organization), you have a list and songs like “Divine Nine” Brotherhood and Sorority Kanye West “School motivation”; Public anime classic “Raise the roof”; And from “Sunday Brunch” In ‘ The acclaimed new album Kings Disease II.

Whether at modest gatherings or large campus events, music brings people together. TIDAL’s homecoming playlists are divided into different categories, ranging from Stroll and Step Song and The Divine 9 to Black Excellence and the 1980s Black College Jam.

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Check out TIDAL’s HBCU Homecoming playlist to explore its offerings.

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