Summer walker trend after omitting the full tracklist for ‘Still Over It’

It’s almost time! Fans are looking forward to Summer Walker’s second album, “Still Over It,” which will be released this coming Friday.

Summer quickly trended on Twitter after releasing the full tracklist for the album. For hours, people discussed the album’s features, doubting that the songs would be their favorite, among other things.

Contains 20 songs with tracklist features; SZA, Cardi B, Pharrell, Lil Durk, Omarion, and JT. While it doesn’t say how the songs sounded before it was released, it doesn’t stop people from predicting which will be their top choice.

One person tweeted, “The features of the Summer Walker CD have already given me a choice of which wall to slide on when he goes down.” Another tweeted, “Summer Walker is as funny as hell. He put his relationship problems on the wax, named a song about this man being the fourth BM, took a picture of a leased G-Wagon and gave it back to him and created cover art for the tracklist. Genius. “

It’s no secret that Summer London is having trouble with On the Track, the father of his daughter Bubbles. London was the leading producer of his debut album ‘Over It’, but it looks like they won’t create any magic in this go-round.

Some of the trends associated with summer albums continue. Last month, on October 12, when he revealed that he had a track narrated by Ciara called “Ciara’s Prayer,” he was also trending at the time. Also, when he dropped the music video on the album’s first single, “X for a Reason,” which featured Jetty, it was also a topic of discussion.

Currently, the video already has 2.3 million views on YouTube. Summer hasn’t teased which song will get the next video, but we’ve kept our eyes closed.

Rumi, what do you think about the tracklist?

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