Sunny Houston has questioned the current administration’s move as the Haitian immigration crisis escalates

So far, many know what is happening on the southern border, as recent photos and videos have shown Haitian migrants behaving aggressively at the hands of border patrol agents. Many celebrities use their platforms to talk about heartbreaking pictures while showing their support for Haitian immigrants.

One person who is drawing attention to their thoughts about the situation is “The View”, co-host Sunny Houston, who explained why the situation came so close to her home.

During Tuesday’s episode, Sunny said, “I think U.S. policy toward Haiti has always been corrupt and it doesn’t have to be because we know the United States can do it, there’s a way to do it, just no desire to have it. “

He added: “The United States and the White House have promised to bring 955,000 Afghans here, and I’m not saying they shouldn’t be here, they should, that’s the promise of this country. But if you can send 5,000,000 Afghans here, you Why send eight or six Haitians back on a plane to a crashed county?

Sunny noted that the policy of removing immigrants and refugees from the United States began with the Trump administration and added that Haitians did not have a fair chance.

She explained that she was taking the matter personally because her husband was Haitian.

See what he had to say below:

We are such Previously As reported, heartbreaking photos and videos showed what Haitian migrants were doing at the border, the White House said, and said the alleged use of whips on immigrants was unacceptable.

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TSR Staff: Z Ashley @ Z_Ashley4

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