Supreme Court hears arguments over controversial Mississippi abortion law

The Supreme Court has announced that on Dec. 1 it will hear arguments to consider the validity of a controversial Mississippi abortion law. The state’s gestational age law prohibits almost all abortions after 15 weeks, with the exception of medical emergencies or severe fetal abnormalities, with the exception of rape or incest.

The Hill reported that this would be the first abortion law to be passed in the High Court in 1973. Rowe establishes that states cannot prohibit abortion before a fetus within 24 weeks of conception usually survives outside the womb.

Just months after the Supreme Court refused to block a Texas law that prohibits abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, and under Mississippi law, rape or incest is no exception. The abortion rights group indicates that most women who become pregnant do not know that they are six weeks pregnant.

Anti-abortion activists are encouraged that the court’s current makeup with five conservative judges, the decision to hear Mississippi law could mean that Ro V.

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At the brief request of a dozen Republican governors’ court friends, the judges requested that the federal abortion right be revoked so that the procedure could be controlled at the state government level. According to Forbes, governors represent states that have tried to pass their own laws to restrict women’s access to the abortion process.

On Monday (September 20) 514 former and current female athletes filed their own petitions in the High Court pointing out the life-changing effects of pregnancy which could shorten the career of a female athlete.

The letter was signed by two Olympians, two professional athletes and 26 intercollegiate athletes, stating that the US was only 0% ashamed of the Olympic medal at the 2021 Tokyo Games.

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