Survey: Are you a robot?

Lately, water logging of infiltrating robots has been seen in our country. They have suddenly appeared in groups and it seems that it is growing at an alarming pace. Consider the survey below to make sure you are at risk of working like a preprogram machine or that you still have human parts.

All results are confidential and only you view.

1) True or false. #Blackout Tuesday, you posted a black screen to stand up against injustice faced by blacks in our country. Similarly, you duly followed the hashtag Trend du Jure and eagerly posted #stopasianheat on your social media account. You are a loving man who has stood up against the prejudice of hatred in support All Marginal team. Except the Jews. Your feed is not flooded with blue screens that indicate that you stand in solidarity with this group when they have been subjected to heinous attacks around the world for the past two weeks, so you have not faithfully followed by posting a blue screen. Hey, got it, you didn’t want to be Only Those who actually mean what they say, they are completely on the hashtag #Namoreh.

2) When a popular movement like BLM catches up in our culture, you: a) immediately steal the posts of others that celebrate the organization and re-post them to your own feed by responding faithfully to the signals of society. B) After researching the organization, I came to know that the co-founder is a trained Marxist. C) It is assumed that BLM means the Bureau of Land Management and did not get all the noise that it had.

3) True or false. You’ve been waxed against Kovid (congratulations!). You were out of annoyance and couldn’t wait to post your “I got shot” sticker on your social media because, everyone else does it and you secretly hoped that this post would give you your most favorite so far!

4) True or false. You stand up for minorities by posting your support on social media. You also take the time to find ways to support these groups, learn about their struggles, and donate to their organizations that will help empower them to fight their biases because you know there is so much more to do than post.

5) True or false. You are going through your day “moving in motion” by continuing endless tasks that life demands on you with the sole goal that the day is over so that you can wake up and repeat the process again.

6) Vicky is extremely sweet and goes out of her way to do something beautiful for her friends and family. He can be annoying and excessive. Your mutual friends like to focus on his next qualities. You: a) Smile at the cruel jokes around Vicky. B) Stand up for Vicky and tell your friends if he’s going to make fun of her behind his back, stop benefiting from her good nature. C) Contribute to the conversation by sharing with yourself an example of how Vicky annoys you.

7) True or false. You think that the media provides honest information and therefore, you create a lot of ideas about what is presented to you by your chosen news source (s). 8) True or false. You don’t want to introduce yourself using a pronoun, so you tell the meeting moderator that you talk to them but they think it’s appropriate. You then openly declare that you have refused to use pronouns in your signature.

9) You are meeting some new friends from work outside of dinner. They chose a new, local vegan restaurant. Although you are wishing for a steak, as you did last night, you have kindly accepted the invitation. During dinner, the group openly discusses how terrified they are by carnivores who directly threaten the existence of our planet. You: a) Agree strongly with them and beat all meat eaters. B) Let the group know that you are not a vegan. C) Go to your new friends and admit that you eat meat regularly and swear never to eat animal products again. 10) True or false. You are taking this survey seriously.

Calculate your result: Give yourself 1 point for each answer below.

1. true 2. A 3. true 4. false 5. true 6. A or C 7. true 8. false

9. a

10. True

0-2 points: You are still a tough man with a brain that works independently from all external influences.

3-5 points: You need to seek help immediately because your limbs are slowly being transformed into mechanical body parts that easily make for robot wires. .
6-10 points: Shut down your system. Reboot. Come back to earth as a human being. The author of this survey is not a psychologist. He (he / she is the pronoun of choice) is a big city vegetarian who has been attacked by programmed and endocrine mechanized animals. While some may prefer to label him, this rare survivor of the human race tends to think outside of a pre-wired box, pushes the envelope and refuses to be part of a chaotic world run by failed humans. This awakening movement has put everyone to sleep. When will everyone wake up?

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