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By Liz Armstrong

Utah Shakespeare Festival actors and other artists love to work at festivals, but they also love their off-time, especially when they are surrounded by many opportunities to be outside. Many have favorite hikes they’ve got in the area, and enjoy sharing them with others, including you.

Cedar Break Alpine Pond Loop Trail

Actor Perry Ojeda – who appeared Pericles, Ragtime, And Richard IIIEd Cedar Breaks claims the Alpine Pond Loop Trails as one of his favorite hikes. This is Alison Hall’s favorite hiking spot, when she’s not working in the guest service office.

Of course, there are several amazing ways to cedar breaks. General Manager Kami Terry Paul suggested that instead of taking the trail to the two main look points at Cedar Breaks, you should extend the trail to the left of the main parking area to take a tour around the canyon.

“One of the most beautiful places in Utah is the Cedar Breaks at sunset,” said Scott El Vyatt, a former president of the University of Southern Utah and a longtime fan of the festival. He recommends walking the trails in the evening, southern Utah known for enjoying the fascinating red rocks, even more so as the sun sets.

Red hollow trailhead

Located at the foot of Cedar Canyon, this trail is close and easily accessible and is one of the favorite hiking spots of costume dropper Diana Gerten.

Located on the left side of the road (if you travel the canyon) there is a red-yellow trailhead sign next to a large tree whose branches are hanging shoes. Bring an old pair of shoes to toss on the tree leaving your mark and then climb up the trail.

This trail is rather steep, so Gerten recommends wearing shoes while walking well and taking the time to hike.

Ashdown Gorge Trail

The rise of art director Brian Vaughan’s choice is Ashdown Gorge. Trailhead Cedar Break at Attaltsnake Trailhead along Highway 143 near the National Memorial and the wind is 9.5 miles, ending at Highway 14, a few miles above Cedar Canyon.

“It’s a long one, but it’s definitely worth it,” Vaughn said.

Canerville Falls

One of the most popular hikes in the state of Utah, Canarville Falls is located just thirteen miles south of Cedar City.

Ojeda recommends this trail, as it takes you through a gorgeous red rock slot canyon. As the water flows through it, be prepared to get your shoes wet, as part of the hiking requires walking through the current. About 1.6 miles inside, you have to climb after a waterfall (sometimes there is a ladder) and continue on the path to other waterfalls. Ike00 feet height gain with a total increase of about 8. miles. A permit is required for this trip; And its growing popularity has made it crowded for many days.

Kalb Canyon Trails

Festival facilities director Kevin Davis says the trails at Colb Canyon are some of his favorite spots.

With parts of Zion National Park and similar scenery, Collob Canyon is a sight to behold in southern Utah and is located just seventeen miles south of Cedar City. One of the best hikes is the fourteen mile round trip hike known as the La Varkin Creek Trail. This path ends at Kalb Arch, one of the largest free-standing arches in the country.

“I love Collub’s Taylor Creek South Fork. It’s a medium trip with waterfalls, greens and a slot canyon,” added Dennis Stigman of the Department of Guest Services.

Cascade Falls

Stigman recommended Cascade Falls at Cedar Canyon near Navajo Lake, saying it was “an easy and beautiful place”, but asked to get there early before 10am to avoid the local crowds. Cascade Falls is another favorite trip of Girtain, but in the end the waterfall cannot continue this fall due to drought conditions.

Stigman’s latest recommendation in Cedar Canyon is the Virgin River Trail; Trailhead is located across from Cascade Falls.

“It’s about six miles and not hard but long. Bring a picnic and enjoy it with squirrels, insects and horned kids, ”Stigman said. “We also saw deer and woodpeckers on this trail.”

Jenny Canyon Trail (Snow Canyon)

Forty-eight miles southwest of Cedar City, Jenny’s Canyon Trail in Snow Canyon State Park is one of Tate Omak’s favorites. When he’s not working at the festival’s childcare center, he likes the view of the area, including the fastest three / tenth mile walk through a slot canyon.

The trail has a view and the slot canyon has the advantage of climbing the wall. Ideal for families and suitable for young children, this trail highlights the beauty of southern Utah while not being physically rigid.

And, while you’re not hiking, remember the festive 2021 season runs until October 9th Pericles, Richard III, The Comedy of Errors, The Pirates of Penance, Ragtime, Symboline, Intimate Clothing, And Horrible comedy. Tickets are available by calling 00-Platix or by visiting www.bard.org.

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