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Taraji P. Henson Revealing how good he is at making fun of people.

Actress and friend Gabriel Union Join James Corden For Tuesday (October 5) episodes Late late show And a humorous joke in detail he pulled on the union.

Empire The actress said that she got the idea of ​​being the victim of an X-rated joke from herself and decided that she would pull it off to someone else.

“They sent me this text, ‘Did you want to post these nudes?'” Henson explained. “And then they put it away, what you see in your feed is ‘Did you want to post these nudities?’ So until you go to the bottom of the post, you’re confused and it’s like ‘April Fools’!

The union’s response was a shock.

“I was, what happened ?!” The union won. “No more!”

Also during the interview, Union spoke for her audition The uterus In the nineties, during which he unexpectedly saw himself competing Janet Jackson.

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“Everyone and their mother were auditioning ‘Uterus’. I went to the audition, to me, I need to feel like the strongest, most beautiful and amazing woman in the world, so of course, I wanted to channel Janet Jackson, “she explained.” “Hair, Janet wanted to get hair. I literally found the right outfit from her album cover. I’m drawing awful sesame. I’m totally committed.”

He added: “I play Janet the whole time, waiting for the audition, there early on. No one is going to stop me … Janet Jackson on the walk.”

Union did not take part in the film in the end.

“Same audition and I’m cosplaying like Janet, with a weird drawn sesame. None of us got it, ”he concluded. “I think we rejected each other. I’m pretty sure there was a kind of restrained order. ”

See the full interview sections below.

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