Taraji P. Henson is starting his music career with the announcement of the upcoming EP of “Music-Music”

# Roommates, for more than 20 years, Taraji P. Henson has entertained us with a collection of iconic roles through his award-winning performances – but now he has turned his attention to another aspect of the entertainment industry. During a recent interview, Taraji P Henson shared the amazing news that he is officially starting his music life courtesy of an upcoming EP.

While Ood appeared in Goodmorning America, Taraji P. Henson stunned Robin Roberts and the rest of the crew when he revealed that he was cooking something special about music – and his fans should be ready to see a completely different level of his talent. “I actually have an EP that I’m working on. Surprise! “He said, however, that he described in more detail what sparked his decision to try music.

Taraji explained,

“I’m just working on some good, good music. I’m not trying to tote my own horn here but it was time to do a pivot because I’ve played so many iconic roles, you know what I mean? That’s right, I can’t, you know … acting it has to be something that excites me and challenges me. Miss Hannigan challenges me in ‘Annie’. It’s the musical theater, taking me back to my roots. So it’s just about continuing to challenge yourself.

I keep saying that music, I might have missed it because I became a mother so early in college, but God has other plans for me because music is really falling on my lap. As such, it started with ‘The Mapets’ and so onMuppets, ‘I booked Miss Hannigan, and it’s coming. So, I’m running waves. Why not? “

He did not provide any additional details about his EP, such as what kind of music he would do or what artist he could work with.

Meanwhile, you can see Taraji P. Henson in the upcoming family movie “The Mapets” and “Miss Hannigan” in the NBC live version of “Annie”.

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