Tesla orders ঠিক 137 million compensation to black contractor in racist harassment case

Tesla has paid millions of dollars after a San Francisco jury sided with a former black contractor who has filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against an electric vehicle manufacturer.

Car Week The report said an eight-person federal jury was awarded Oct. 8 Wayne Diaz He lost about 13 137 million to racist incidents in 2015 and 2016 while working at the Tesla plant in Fremont, California.

The reward was 6.9 million in damages and $ 130 million in punitive damages

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“It took four long years to reach this point. It’s like a big weight has been pulled from my shoulder, “Diaz said New York Times After the verdict

Diaz, a lift operator, said colleagues, including a supervisor, repeatedly slandered him. He endured racist graffiti in the bathroom and derogatory caricatures of black children at work.

He accused Tesla of grossly ignoring his allegations.

Diaz’s lawyer, Lawrence Organ“It’s a big deal when one of America’s richest corporations has to account for the horrible conditions in its factories for blacks,” he said.

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A blog post on the Tesla website, written by a human resources executive Valerie Capers, The company said, “strongly believes that this information does not support the judgment of the jury in San Francisco.”

Three other eyewitnesses said they “regularly hear racist obscenities (including n-words) on the factory floor”, but they thought it was often used “blackly” by black workers.

“The Tesla of 2015 and 201 (when Mr. Diaz worked at the Fremont factory) is not like today’s Tesla,” the post said, referring to his employee relations team and other changes to the company since Diaz worked there.

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