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October 1, 2019

The story of Butch Warrell in One Heart Picture

Photo by Ricky Brassfield and Butch Warrell by One Heart

Station Inn, Nashville, TN

Alan Paul and Andy Aldert have written a specific biography on the life of Stevie Ray Vaughn. They recently held a book launch event / book discussion / Q + A session at Nashville’s Iconic Station Inn, followed by a SRV concert with Jack Pearson, Greg Martin, Scott Sharad, Seth Walker, JD Simo, Guthrie Trapp and themselves. The show was sponsored by Lori Gregory of Roots Radio WMOT. Copies of the book were available for purchase and signed by the authors.

The book’s talk was very informative as the authors shared their experiences and conversations from the entire research done as the beginning of the actual writing of the book. An insight into making the book, including many interesting anecdotes from those involved in Stevie’s life.

The Midnight Riders then started celebrating the music with the supply of lightning, drums and keyboards for the event. The various guitar players all had their own personal Stevie Ray storytelling, which illustrated their connection to Stevie.

In particular, there was a story about Jack Pearson telling Austin about the time when he and Steve would pay the same club, Steve blew up his amp (a trademark was pushing Steve’s restraint equipment) and asked Jack if he could borrow for his night. ? …. Jack started the sleeve blues with that identity as Stevie would play.

Alan Messer takes lessons from Jack Pearson, one of the book’s contributing photographers

There are several upcoming book events to be missed.

October 12 4 PM Book soup in West Hollywood CA.

October 12 9 PM Maui Sugar Saloon, Los Angeles CA.

October 20 5 PM The Warehouse, Amityville, NY

October 25 5 PM Cactus Music, Houston TX

October 27 2 PM Antones, Austin, TX

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