Thanks to Young Miami for supporting her new single and explaining her “Buenos Aires” line.

Young Miami has just dropped her new single “Rap Freaks” and has been a hot topic on social media since the record was released. In the song, the name Young Miami drops some well-known rappers, including Future, Lil Baby, The Baby, Lil Dork, 50 Cent, Moneybag Yo, and even DD.

We are such Previously Reportedly, Miami spoke to Billboard about the record and said, “I thought it was going to be a hip-hop moment, so it was something I wanted to do in the studio. I thought long and hard about it. Hope everybody Take it as a song. I don’t think I’m disrespecting anyone to belittle anyone. It’s a funny song that I wanted to do and recreate what some legends did before me ৷ I’m just being an artist. “

On Saturday, he went live on Instagram to answer some questions from fans about the record, and before answering the question, he thanked Lil Dark’s girlfriend, Cuban Link, the mother of 50 cents girlfriend India Royal and Milano, his mother. Mick Mill’s youngest son, to support the record.

“It was a way to show my love,” Miami said. It was not a disrespectful way. Like I’m a rapper, I’m an artist and I think we do. “He continued,” I just appreciate you for supporting my song. “

He also spoke about his line in the song where he rapped, “Didi, let me put your roche in your mouth (like) / And let your rich man sleep, Buenos Aires (Goodnight, N * GA)

On his live, he said, “Buenos Aires was not supposed to rhyme, it was a statement. It was the end of the song, something like OK I’m finishing the song, like that. It was a statement, I said what I said, good night, that’s what it means. “

During the live, she also shared that it was some fun to drop the record until the City Girls decided on their next record because they have new music on their way.

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TSR Staff: Jade Ashley @ Jade_Ashley94

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