The Amazon Peaks of Tinsley Mortimer are a perfect gift for pets and humans.

E !: What do you like about shopping on Amazon?
TM: I think it has changed my life a lot. I bought everything on Amazon and it is so beautiful that I can only think “I need it” and place an order immediately. I think about it, I need it, I order it, it comes. It’s just that simple. I paid for it but it almost felt like a gift. It’s just so simple. I don’t know what life was like before Amazon. I can’t even imagine it. The 4-star section of the website and the physical 4-star store lift heavy for you because you already know that these products have been tested. I am going to get the perfect gift to give to people because all the hard work has been done for me. The things about Amazon 4-Star Shop are amazing just because they put it together for you.

E !: Tell me about the Pawlidays Pet Portraits event.
TM: I’m so excited for my holiday portrait and I’m glad Amazon 4-Star is doing it. Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally. I rescued them from China. They are my world. They are the sweetest, the most loving. I look at them and sometimes I don’t think they are real because they are very good. I am so excited to be all decorated. I’m actually making some clothes tonight. I actually bought the clothes on Amazon and then I made dresses from Amazon for other things like beading and tulle sewing to make the dresses a little more spectacular, more customized and more clothes.

E !: What are some pet items that you regularly get from Amazon?
TM: Of course. Every month, I buy their food on Amazon. I bought Stella and Chew’s Venison and Lamb Mix, these little patties that you can grind in a bowl. And, of course, I get their Wii-Wii pads on Amazon too. I bought all their dog shorts on Amazon and then I cheated them with other Amazon products like ribbons, sequins and sparkles.

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