The black couple received a 75K prize in Lewisville for racial profiling … but there’s an annoying catch. National

The city of Louisville has agreed to pay ৫ 5,000,000 to a black couple who say police removed them from their car because of their running and they were driving a beautiful vehicle.

According to Lousiville Courier-JournalAs a condition of payment, the couple and their lawyers are prohibited from criticizing the Louisville Metro government or the police involved in the incident in the media or on social media.

Michael AbbottA lawyer for the Courier Journal and the Kentucky Press Association said the terms of the contract were “completely inappropriate.”

“The city is paying to silence its critics,” he said. “It’s paying their price. And it seems to be designed to hinder reform. It’s bad policy and really worrying.”

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First Assistant County Attorney Ingrid geyser A statement said the couple was “not forbidden to tell the truth about what happened during their traffic stop,” although he added that “the parties’ agreement should be more accurately reflected.”

In their federal case, Anthony Parker Sr. And Demetria Firman Claim that they were dragged in 2018 for failing to use a turn signal, although body camera footage shows they turned it on. On their way home from church, they were stopped without reasonable doubt in front of their 9-year-old son in a “desperate attempt to find a gun and drugs” in front of their 9-year-old son.

None found.

The lawsuit states that Firman was only allowed to leave the scene when it was clear to officers that Demetria and her husband were now personally acquainted with one of the officers’ colleagues. Courier-Journal Report

The metro government agreed to settle the city on September 9 on the condition that it did not admit any wrongdoing.

Attorneys wrote in the traffic-stop case that the couple was dragged “because they were black, in a beautiful car and in a designated target neighborhood of the LMPD.”

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