The Black Trans ‘Hamilton’ actor says they lost the role after a request for a gender-neutral dressing room. Celebrities

Sunny Reed, A black trans actor who was a cast member on a touring show in Hamilton, is filing a federal lawsuit against the production, alleging that they lost his role after requesting a gender-neutral dressing room.

Reid, who accompanies them with nonbinary and pronouns, filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Los Angeles on Wednesday (October 1), alleging discrimination and retaliation for questioning the company’s alleged “awakening”. Hamilton.

In a statement USA Today, Lawrence Pearson, A lawyer in Reed said Hamilton has become a universal “beacon of diversity” with promises of social injustice and harmony.

“Behind the scenes, however, the company’s management will force a black, transgender cast member because they stood up for themselves and advocated for a more equitable workplace, and therefore called into question that public image,” Pearson said in a statement.

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In the north, Shane Marshall BrownA Hamilton spokesman told the newspaper in a statement that Reed had been a “valuable cast member” for more than three years, but denied Reed’s allegations.

“We responded to their request and offered an agreement to return to ‘Hamilton’ with conditions,” Brown said in a statement. We did not discriminate or retaliate against Suni. Our organization has taken care of our community since it closed. Hamilton.

The statement added: “In particular, we have provided direct financial support to Suni, paid for their health insurance and paid for their housing. We wish them well in Suni’s future endeavors.”

Pearson said that if the EOC went ahead with an email, Reed would probably file a federal lawsuit over an unspecified “financial loss and financial loss for emotional distress.” USA Today.

Pearson added that his client wants accountability and resolves complaints from cast members “with more respect in the future and less adversarial approach.”

“We look forward to upholding the rights of MX. Reid and hopefully this is a conscious call for systematic inequality for the theater industry that is at its highest,” he said.

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