The body of missing teenager Mia Marcano is believed to have been found National

A body is believed to be that of a 19-year-old college student Mia Marcano Discovered in Orange County, Florida.

Yahoo News The Orange County Sheriff’s Office announced the discovery Saturday morning (October 2), reports said. A search of the Timber Scan apartment in Orange County, Florida, led to the disappearance of Marcano, who had been missing for just over a week. They say they found a body in a nearby wooded area “which we believe is Mia Marcano,” the sheriff said. John Mina Said.

A student of Valencia College, Marcano was last seen at the Arden Villas Apartment Complex in Orlando, where he lived on September 2nd.

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“Although we are very sure about the identity, the positive identity must come from the medical examiner’s office. At this time we cannot confirm the cause of death,” Mina said.

Mina added that a purse identifying Marcano was found near the body.

Yahoo says police were taken to the area based on “mobile phone records” of the “main suspect”. Armando Caballero, 27, a maintenance worker at Arden Villas who was found dead Monday due to an apparent suicide.

Authorities said Caballero had a romantic interest in Marcano but the feelings were not reciprocal.

“We believe Armando Caballero is solely responsible for this crime,” Mina said Saturday. “I did not want to give this update to everyone. Our hearts are broken. Everyone wanted this result to be different. ”

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