The case has left his nephew traumatized.

The family of a Texas woman was killed when an officer called police about an open front door and filed a federal lawsuit against a former officer and the city of Fort Worth for shooting at an apartment.

Atatiana Jefferson was playing a video game with her 8-year-old nephew Zion Carr in the morning. The front door was left to Azar to give the night air. However, a neighbor called the police to report the door open.

Former Fort Worth police officer Aaron Dean and his partner opened a fence gate and entered the backyard. Body-camera footage showed Dean flashing his flashlight through the back window of the house. Jefferson picked up his firearm and went to investigate. When Jefferson looked out the back window, Dean shot and killed him.

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Sion was in the bedroom with his aunt where he was shot. He also saw Dean and his partner enter the room and perform CPR “while he was bleeding on the floor of his own house.”

“At the age of 8, Sion Carr was forced to watch the murder of her aunt Atatiana Jefferson at the hands of Fort Worth police,” the lawsuit alleges.

The Dallas Morning News reports that the family has filed lawsuits against Fort Worth City, former officer Aaron Dean, former police chief Ed Krause and former mayor Betsy over the traumatic trauma of young Sion. The police questioned him about what the child had seen without the parents.

The lawsuit alleges injuries to the town of Zion because the police department “demonstrated a consistent and systematic failure to properly train and supervise its officers in the proper use of force.” The case lists a number of cases which say that Fort Worth police officers are examples of excessive use of force.

In addition, the lawsuit blames Dean for the death of Jefferson’s mother, Eolanda Carr, who died just 90 days after her daughter’s death.

Dean was arrested a few days after Jefferson’s death and charged with murder. He was allowed to resign from the force, and has been released on 200,000 bond since Oct. 1, 201. His trial is set for Tuesday (September 21st), more than two years after the shooting.

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