The cause of death of former child star Matthew Mindler has been revealed

Update: Matthew MindlerAccording to the Lancaster County Coroner’s Report on Suicide Due to Complications of Sodium Nitrate Toxicity, which e! News received on Thursday, October 14th.

Sodium nitrate is an oxidizing agent that is often used in food preservation. TMZ reported that the actor acquired the substance online and quoted his mother, Monica Mindler, As saying that her son recently researched the compound on the internet because it is related to painless suicide.


Matthew MindlerIts untimely death has been considered suicide.

On Aug. 8, the Lancaster County Coroner’s Office told NBC News that he had committed suicide, two days after the former child actor’s body was recovered near his Pennsylvania College campus. Officials said the exact reason for Mindler’s passing was that the results of the toxicity were pending.

Mindler was the first to be reported missing by his family after attending class or returning to the Millersville University dormitory after appearing in security footage the night before. At approximately 8 o’clock on the night of 2 August, a 19-year-old student was seen leaving his residence with a backpack and black pants and a Millersville University sweatshirt.

President of Millersville University Daniel A. Wubah A letter addressed to staff and students confirmed the news of Miller’s death and shared it on social media.

Wubah indicated that Miller was found dead in Menor Township, Penn, about five miles from campus.

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