The comments section of London on the Track has collapsed after the release of Summer Walker’s album

CHILLIEEEEEEE Summer Walker was in their mood on Friday after the release of her much-anticipated ‘Still Over It’ album and after the sisters had sprinkled tea! The summer 20-track album features features from Cardi B to Lil Dark and Sierra, but the girls are mostly talking about the summer that is telling the truth about her experience while dating superstar producer London on the Track.

In an Instagram post, Summer gave London a shout out, saying she was in pain behind the songs she sang on the album, but fans seem to have gotten her back after revealing some disgusting things about her child’s father, and they left London with some favorite words. Swarmed in the comments section!

“How can you let her spend the whole pregnancy alone in the summer !!! Take care of your kids !!!” Subsequent comments were in the same vein and the women did not give up.

“You’re literally letting someone else play daddy with your daughter that said,” another fan wrote.

“You’re making me cry with the summer in the F * King car. You’re no longer my favorite producer,” read another comment.

As we mentioned earlier, Summer Walker and ‘Still Over It’ were the most trending topics of the week because fans were ready to sing with their hearts out until they could no longer cry and as soon as they heard the soothing sound of Summer’s voice he revealed London on Dr. An intimate account of his breakup with the track.

The two have publicly revealed their relationship problems on social media, with fans wondering what kind of music magic Summer will pull out of her hat for her Sophomore album. London was also the lead producer of his debut album.

Since their separation, Summer has been very open about her relationship with her new boo and we wish her well!

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