The cough doll tries to stop her mother from seeing the ‘Black Mafia Family’

Last night was the premiere of the new 50 cents series “Black Mafia Family” (BMF), a drama that follows the BMF, raising brothers Demetrius ‘Big Mitch’ and Terry ‘Southwest Tea’ Flannery, and one of Detroit’s leading drug and money traffickers. Agency. The much-anticipated show features a great mix of up-and-coming actors and veterans, including Detroit’s indigenous Demetrius ‘Lil Mitch’ Flannery Jr. and Cash Doll.

On the show, Lil Mitch plays her father, and Kash Doll plays her love interest, Monique. In the first episode, things evaporate as the two have sex. Ya knows Detroit doesn’t play with cough, and last night he brought the whole town out with his family and friends, so he could be seen on the big screen. Kash showed a glimpse of a conversation with her mother on Instagram showing her intimate scenes.

Laughing, she tried to cover her mother’s face, and it was pretty ridiculous. Her mother had a good game about it and wanted to know if her daughter had mocked her in the bedroom. While sitting on his mother’s lap, his mother laughed jokingly and said, “I’m trying to see if he moves like his mother.” More than 217,000 people liked the post, including Tracy T, the father of the cousin.

Even the show’s executive producer commented “LOL” in the 50 cents post. Kash in a black jumpsuit looked adorable by poking out her baby bump. If you think about it, just a few days before the official BMF premiere party in Atlanta, she revealed that she is expecting her first child in an Instagram photo with her baby bump. In the caption, he said he was blessed and overwhelmed with joy. Congratulations!

Roommate, will you tune in to BMF?

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