The family of Timothy Simpkins, a Texas high school shooting suspect, says he was routinely cheated.

Its family Timothy SimpkinsThe 1-year-old, accused of a shooting at her high school, said she was pushed to a breaking point from being routinely raped and robbed at her school in Arlington, Texas.

“We do not support his decision. It wasn’t right. But he was trying to protect himself, “family spokeswoman Carol Harrison Lafayette told reporters on Wednesday (Oct. October). The Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Earlier in the day, a video was posted on social media to show Simpkins fighting. Lafayette said he was defending himself from an attacker, Dallas Morning News Reports say she was targeted for wearing nice clothes, a nice car and other things they didn’t have.

CBS-Dallas Fort Worth said all of the injured are expected to recover.

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Family members said in a Facebook post, “He was recently attacked by a group of young men outside the school, stripped of his clothes in front of a crowd of spectators and robbed of his money and property.”

The CBS Dallas-Fort Worth report said Simpkins was shot after a fight with another student. At one point during or after the fight, he started firing and then fled the scene.

Authorities filed three charges of aggravated assault against Simpkins, who was released on 75,000 bond, according to court documents. 7. Simpkins was placed under house arrest as a condition of his bond.

The Simpkins family said in a Facebook post that he is a student at Straits. “Timothy has always been a kind and thoughtful child who loves to learn,” the post said.

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