The Fat Joe Money Challenge warns participants that the IRS is watching

If one thing Fat Joe is going to do, he will call people who shouldn’t, when it comes to telling a story. People haven’t stopped challenging money online since NBA Youngboy started last week, and it’s interesting. Over the weekend, Nick Cannon warned people flexing online that the IRS was watching, and co-signed Joe Nick’s message yesterday.

Last night he skipped a short history lesson on Instagram Live, telling people that the challenge began long before 2022. Joe explained that Busy Bee, a hip hop artist from New York, first introduced the trend when he pronounced his name on the 1983 classic film ‘Wild Style’ in cash. After reading the history, an unknown person brought Nick and said that he had the biggest entrance. Joe replied, “Nick Cannon wrote this with toilet tissue, ‘The IRS is watching.'”

He continued, “I dare to see you anywhere on my Instagram or social media and want to see if Fat Joe has ever pulled a hundred dollar bill. One! And then these guys, when they get caught – you said it yourself.” But Joe’s embarrassing folks weren’t done. The rapper declared even louder, “You have never done anything legal in your life. Writing names with a mountain of money. F ** k wrong with you ?! ”

As the challenge continued, YK Osiris used his money to spell “debt free”, but after a while, he realized that he owed some money to Young Thug. Singer Muni Long, known for his hit song ‘Hrs And Hrs’, survived to his name by omitting his entry. Roommates, who do you want to participate in the next challenge?

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