The father who posted the controversial video of his daughter’s torturing in front of him has apologized (Exclusive)

A father posted a tweet to his teenage daughter in front of him and lost it to Instagram users. Earlier this week, Stevie Franch posted an Instagram video with the caption “I’m speechless … what was he shaking.”

Dad and Mom answer

In the short clip, a young girl identified as her daughter is trying to roll body and waistline wine. The girl named Diorah Bele looks back at her father several times while dancing.

Meanwhile, Steve is encouraging her dance moves with laughter, laughter and loud cheers. In a short time, hundreds of responses were poured. Stevie and Diora’s mother, listed as Katumia on Instagram, responded to the comments in a viral post.

“You never comment like that when I post my music,” Stevie wrote in the comments section at the bottom of the post. “And you’ll just be willing to talk because I’m joking with my only daughter … that’s what you’ll do, pray for the fall of man. You’ll need it.”

“This is my daughter, and this is her father,” Katumia wrote in the same place. ‚ÄúSave this trash talk for someone else. You’re always ready to tell someone how to raise their child, with the exception of your own. “

Father issue statement

Two days later, the comments section was promoted to thousands of views and thoughts. Some users have called the video “inappropriate”, “uncomfortable” and even “distorted”. Others have blamed the child and Moment for watching the video for sex. Following the flood of comments, Stevie responded with an exclusive statement shared with The Shed Room. T.Her father apologized and clarified that the video was posted “because of ridicule”.

“First and foremost, I would like to apologize to all the people who have disturbed my video,” Stevie wrote. “I understand why people would mistake my video for inappropriate and I don’t blame them from the outside. Again, I apologize and don’t mean to harm my child.”

In addition to the statement, the father explained that the video posted initially was long. Stevie TSR provided the long clip. At first, the audience only sees Stevie sitting on a stool seat. A voice behind the camera encourages Diora to dance with her father She points to the area in front of her and Diora starts to dance.

“As a new parent, I failed at a teaching moment,” Stevie wrote. “I should have told him what he was doing and what he was doing. It came as a shock to me because he had never done it before and as a parent I would be fully accountable. Parents are allowed to make mistakes. “

Stevie added that the post was inspired by humor, due to the family background of his entertainers. The Father also shared his gratitude for those who came forward to give “knowledge, education, and resources.”

As of Friday night, Stevie’s video had more than 11,000 comments and more than 7,600 likes on his page.

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