The fight against racism began in the Massachusetts high school football game, the coaches say

The racist claim started fighting at a high school football game in Massachusetts and now, school officials and police are investigating.

According to Boston’s local station WCVB, Georgetown Public School Superintendent Carol Jacobs issued a statement saying there was a physical altercation between Georgetown and Roxbury Prep High School during a football game on Friday night (September 17), who were visiting.

Jacobs claimed that there was a quarrel between the players and coaches of both teams as Georgetown police officers dispersed the crowd.

The superintendent said the cause of the physical dispute was still under investigation, but he said there were allegations of “racially charged language.”

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In a Facebook post on Saturday, Roxbury Prep Wide receiver coach Jamal Hunt claimed that his team was “ridiculed by players, faculty, staff, spectators, called N-bombs and joked all night”.

Hunt writes, “I’m still numb, but this is America. There was nothing I could do to hurt my boys the most.” “I’m broken. I’ve seen racism destroy something that was supposed to be good for them.”

The game, WCVB reports, comes with a 44-8 win for Georgetown High with eight minutes left.

A Roxbury Prep spokesman said in a statement that the school community was “terrified and hurt” by what happened Friday.

According to the WCVB, the spokesman’s statement said, “Harassment and intimidation in any way is unacceptable, and the racist behavior and lack of appropriate supportive response is disturbing.” “We urge the Georgetown District to co-operate fully with us in investigating this incident and to take strong action to ensure that this does not happen again. For the sake of racial justice, love and respect.”

Georgetown Police Chief Donald C. He further added that his department is working with the Essex District Attorney’s Office to fully investigate the war and its causes.

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