The first grader wearing a mask in school portrait receives a অনু 30,000 scholarship National

The first grader who went viral for wearing a mask for his school portrait, claiming that what his mother wanted him to do, has now raised more than ,000 30,000 in his college fund.

Mason’s Mom, Nicole Peoples, Describing the incident that made her son famous on her Facebook page, wrote that she was happy that her son was listening to her, but should have been more clear.

In a caption to a photo of his masked son Mason, he said, “I’m proud of him for sticking to his word but I should have been more clear about my rules.”

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People next set up a GoFundMe page when people ask if they can reward her son with toys and treats. Instead, she asked people who wanted to help fund her son’s college fundraiser, which reached $ 30,000 this weekend.

Describing the ridiculous incident through Facebook, Nicole said the exchange started when the photographer asked Mason to take off his mask for the photo.

In response, he told the photographer, “My mother told me to keep it all the time until I was eating and away from everyone.”

Nicole said the photographer tried to reassure her son, telling him, “I’m sure it’s okay to take your picture.” But Mason denied: “No, my mother told me seriously that it should be kept going.”

Another time he was asked if he would remove the mask for just a few seconds, Mason stood up and said, “No thanks, I always listen to my mother!”

To donate to Mason’s College Fund, click here.

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