The Forest Ivory Show No Rust at the self-titled anniversary show in Los Angeles

It would be easy for a band to ask for a mulligan, if not forgiven, because they rusted off about 18 months away from performing in front of a live audience. But, Forest Ivory is not your average band.

At the opening of the YouTube Theater in Los Angeles (which recently included other events adjacent to the huge Sofai Stadium hosted by the Rolling Stones), Justin Vernon and company performed a pair of shows honoring the 10-year anniversary of the group’s second album, Forest Ivory, Forest Ivory. Although very few people understood it then and hoped for others For Emma, ​​forever before, Forest Ivory, Forest Ivory Vernon sets up for the next 10 years of his career with a growing willingness to experiment and explore different words.

Although that anniversary was technically in June, the obvious situation has pushed these shows so far. And they did not disappoint.

L-Acoustics (the company and secret MVP behind big festive events like coaches, Hollywood Bowl venues and other tours), has created a custom sound system for YouTube theaters, which will give it a significant advantage in hiring artists. Sometimes there may be a primitive sound system, similar to the one built for this space Too Primitive, but here, it sounded as clear as all the houses in Los Angeles. Although many bands are new to the venue’s spatial audio technology with nearly 200 speakers spanning the entire width of the stage and beyond, Bon Iver knew how to make the most of it after using the same setup on a handful of shows in 2018 and 2019, in this setting. It worked particularly well and added depth to songs like “715 – CRΣΣKS,” “Blood Bank” and “Skinny Love”.

Credit: Matthew John Benton

But without the full visual experience to go with this enhanced audio it wouldn’t be a forest ivory show. The lighting was coordinated with each song, perfectly complementing the stage setup. Although Forest Ivory, Forest Ivory With only 10 songs (which Vernon himself mentions), the band has performed songs throughout their catalog, mixing different aspects they have taken over the years. The show also marks the first performance of “PDLIF”, which was released last year as a live relief feature and features the latest iteration of the touring band highlighted by Sean Kerry and Jane Wassner of Y Oak.

It’s impressive enough to see a band like Forest Ivory in a setting like YouTube Theater, especially when you consider that there are 6,000 people at the venue – far less than the amphitheaters that the band will hit in 2022. If you rely on an advanced audio experience and you don’t stand in the middle of a dusty field hoping to catch a glimpse, such a house could be the equivalent of using a PED. However, it takes a great live band to capture that experience, and in 2021 Bon Iver is exactly that.

Forest Ivory, YouTube Theater Setlist:

Minnesota, WI
The tower
715 estuary
Heavenly Father
Hinom, TX
U (like humans)
33 God
Blood bank
Beth / rest
Skinny love
The wolf

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