“The Great Regency” is reported here as a record 4.3 million Americans quit their jobs in August – the restaurant and retail industries hit the hardest.

# Roommates, the Covid-19 epidemic has changed the workforce in a life-changing way কিন্তু but perhaps many did not expect that it would permanently remove millions of Americans from their jobs. According to a new report, America is currently in “The Great Regiment” because about 5 million Americans quit their jobs in August alone … and experts say the situation could get worse.

While most Americans were enjoying their summer fun this year, millions took the time to quit their jobs. NCNBC reports that 4.3 million Americans quit their jobs in August of this year, when some decided to quit their jobs altogether এবং and those who still want to work are looking elsewhere for jobs as the main reason for job security and good pay. Based on data from the Labor Department’s job openings and the Labor Turnover Survey, the jobless rate rose to 2.9%, the highest since December 2000. These numbers helped to earn the name “The Great Regeneration.”

Additionally, the food service and housing industries have suffered the most, with 892,000 workers leaving their jobs in both the food services and housing industries – while 721,000 retail workers have left their jobs, followed by 534,000 in healthcare and social assistance. More than half of those surveyed have confirmed that they want to find new jobs in 2022 and expect to find a location with flexible working hours and remote work opportunities.

Alice Gold, a senior economist at the Institute for Economic Policy, talks about the discount rate. “With job openings and recruitment rates declining in August, job drop rates have reached the heights of a new series, increased with the rise of covid cases and possibly concerns about working on an ongoing epidemic,” he said.

Echoing his remarks, Anthony Klotz, a professor of management at A&M University in Texas, added: Many people have decided, ‘I need to change.’

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