The heartbreaking timeline before Gabby Petito’s death is obsolete

On Sept. 1, near the Speed ​​Creek site, human remains belonging to Petito were quickly identified in the Bridger-Teton National Forest in Wyoming. After an autopsy, the coroner of Teton County ruled his death a homicide.

Shortly after Petito’s death, a Louisiana couple told CNN that they saw a “noise” going down between the young woman and the laundry at the Mary Piglets Tex-Mex in Jackson, Wyoming on August 27th. She broke down in tears and the laundry got angry and got up from their table and walked several times in and out of the restaurant. A manager of the organization also witnessed the incident and called the FBI on September 22.

Also on Aug. 2, Vloggers Kyle and Jane Bethune captured footage in a gopros of a white van parked in the Spread Creek Displaced Camping Area, about 25 miles from the restaurant, between evening and 3:30 p.m.

“We thought they were out hiking or they were just chilling inside,” Kyle told CNN.

The last text Schmidt sent from his daughter’s phone on August 2 was, “Can you help Stan, I just keep getting his voicemail and missed calls.” “Stan” was Petito’s grandfather, Schmidt said, but he didn’t call him that. The message made him “concerned that someone had made a mistake with his daughter”, referring to the timeline for obtaining a search warrant for an external hard drive found in a North Port police Ford van, obtained by Florida’s NBC8 News.

The warrant states that Petito and his mother had frequent contact with him before his disappearance, “causing further tension between him and the laundry.”

Hundreds of mourners joined the Petito family at the Holbrook Memorial on Sept. 26, NY has seen countless more online live broadcast services. But there are infinitely more questions than answers about his fate.

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