The historical increase in the food stamp program begins in October

Although times are a bit difficult these days, thanks to the Biden administration, millions of people will be helped by food stamps.

According to reports, OfDelightful Nutrition Support Program (SNAP)According to Fox LA, the benefits will increase from this month.

“Starting October, the average benefits for food stamps will increase by more than 25% of the pre-epidemic level. Extended support will be available indefinitely to all 42 million SNAP beneficiaries.

This increase in food stamps occurs in exactly the same way as the 15% increase that was initially given due to the end of the September 30 epidemic.

“This increase coincides with the completion of a 15% increase in SNAP facilities that were ordered as a COVID-19 epidemic protection system, which ended Sept. 30.”

On average, the growth difference would be $ 121- $ 157, “or মাসে 36 per month, per month.”

The increase was announced in August under The Beaden administration and is the largest increase in the program’s history.

The plan will cost about িয়ন 20 million but will not require congressional approval. The increase is also a reconsideration USDA’s Thrifty Food Plan, “Which estimates the cost of buying groceries for a family of four and indicates the way the government calculates benefits. The equation is based on food costs, food nutrition, nutrition guidelines, and what Americans eat.

The Biden administration announced the increase in August, which is considered the largest in history.

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