The homeless man has been charged with a felony and has spent seven years in prison for paying at least 43 cents for a mountain dew.

# Roommates, in the last round of real life rather than fiction, a homeless man is currently facing an authentic imprisonment for his love of Mountain Dewey. A Pennsylvania homeless man was recently charged with a felony and is now serving a seven-year prison sentence for failing to pay the remaining 43 cents for Mountain Dew, the report said.

Joseph Sobolevsky, a 38-year-old homeless Pennsylvania resident, probably did not expect to be sentenced to nearly 10 years in prison for being 43 cents smaller in a Mountain Dew bottle. @NYPost reports that, after being arrested last month and shortly after being charged with a felony, Sobolysky could now serve seven years in prison for the missing 43 cents he forgot to give soda – and that’s because of Pennsylvania’s strict three-strike law. As it turned out, when inside a Perry County convenience store, there was a special price for Mountain Dew, two for $ 3.00, so he took a bottle and paid $ 2.00 and walked out of the store.

However, the store clerk told him that he did not pay enough and followed him outside, they called the police. He was immediately arrested because Sobolyski was apparently unaware that a bottle of Mountain Dew in the store cost $ 1.50, not $ 1.50. That means he paid less by 43 cents on soda, 29 cents plus tax factoring. Now, since he is behind bars, he is being held on a 50,000 bond.

The three-strike law greatly affects Sobolysky’s independence, as he has a long criminal record for petty crimes related to petty theft. Some of his previous minor offenses included burglary at K-Mart and Hobby Lobby.

Currently, Joseph Sobolyowski is waiting to appear in his next court.

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