The judge ruled that Vanessa Bryant did not have to undergo a psychological assessment in the lawsuit against LA County (Update)

Last month, LA County filed a lawsuit against them. They Request That Vanessa Bryant, as well as others who were involved in the case, underwent a psychological assessment to determine if they had suffered emotional pain as a result of the helicopter crash claiming the lives of their family members. Or if they suffer emotional distress from leaking alleged photos taken by staff at the crash site.

According to CNN, Magistrate Judge Charles F. Eck declined the county’s request for a psychological assessment for those involved in the case, saying it would be “untimely.”

“The fact remains that no crash site images taken by the first respondents have ever been made public, as Mrs. Bryant has confirmed in her statement,” said Skip Miller, a county attorney outside the county. We fully sympathize with the enormous loss he has suffered. But as a matter of law, we don’t believe he could be harmed by something that didn’t happen. “

During their argument, the county said the plaintiffs “could not suffer from photos of the crash site that they had never seen and that were not publicly publicized.” They further argued that medical involvement would help plaintiffs determine the “existence, extent and cause” of “alleged harm.”

Plaintiffs ‘legal parties responded by saying that “the allegation that claims of compensation for mental anguish alone do not put a party’ s mental state ‘in dispute’.” They added that the county should “try to determine someone’s emotional distress in a less interventionist way.”

ABC News Also reported that while giving a statement last month, Vanessa Bryant said, “Emotional pain means that not only do I have to mourn the loss of my husband and children, but for the rest of my life I have to fear that these are pictures of my husband and children. Will be leaked.

As Previously Vanessa Bryant and family members of the victims who were tragically killed in a helicopter crash last January joined together in a lawsuit against the county after they allegedly took photos at the scene, the report said. It was alleged that the photos were the subject of discussion within the department without any investigative purpose. It is also alleged that a deputy tried to impress a woman by showing her pictures.

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TSR Staff: Jade Ashley @ Jade_Ashley94

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