The main condition of Aryan Khan’s bail order

Aryan Khan, son of Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan, was arrested by the Bureau of Narcotics Control during the cruise. Aryan was in jail for more than three weeks and now he was finally granted bail yesterday. Mannat’s car was seen heading to Arthur Road Jail to pick up Aryan tonight as he was scheduled to return home tonight. In all of this, we have brought for you the conditions under which Aryan has been released from prison. The bail order granted contains these basic conditions, take a look …

Aryan Khan will enforce the rupee PR bond. 1 lakh with one or more bails of similar amount.

The applicant / accused will not engage in any activity similar to the CR mentioned against them for the offense under the NDPS Act.

He shall not attempt to communicate with any other person directly or indirectly involved in co-accused or similar activities or call any person involved in similar activities accused against them through any means of communication.

The petitioner / accused shall not take any action detrimental to the trial before the Hon’ble Special Court (established under the NDPS Act).

The petitioner / accused does not make any attempt to influence witnesses or manipulate the evidence personally or through anyone.

The applicants / accused will immediately surrender their passports to the special court.

The petitioner / accused will not be able to make any statement in any media including social media such as print media, electronic media etc. regarding the above proceedings pending in the special court.

The petitioner / accused will not leave the country without the prior permission of the Special Judge of NDPS, Greater Mumbai.

If the applicant / accused has to move outside Greater Mumbai, they will inform the Investigating Officer; And provide the investigating officer with their itinerary.

Applicants / Defendants will be present at the NCB Mumbai office every Friday from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm to mark their presence.

The petitioner / accused must be present on all the dates of the court unless he is restrained for any reasonable reason.

The applicant / accused should join the investigation and when asked to do so before the NCB authorities.

Once the trial has started, the petitioner / accused should not try to delay the trial in any way.

If they violate any of these conditions, the NCB will be entitled to apply directly to the Special Judge / Court for revocation of their bail.

Aryan Khan

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