The man who tried to enter the woman’s home was identified by her mother but has not yet been arrested

Before that This week, a video of a man trying to break into a woman’s home has gone viral He has since been identified but not arrested, the victim said.

In a series of tweets, Kejia Williams expressed her frustration over the incident and explained why the man was not arrested.

He tweeted, “Yes! The suspect has been identified but has not been arrested. Explaining that the perpetrator’s mother had identified him, he added, “Although his mother has confirmed that she saw her son in the video, the commission also[n]”There are only possible reasons to try to steal … that summons a criminal not to be arrested.”

He expressed “disappointment” Williams added, adding that there was a “2007” lawsuit against the perpetrator. He also expressed gratitude to his mother for identifying him.

“I really appreciate the honesty of the skeptical mother,” he reveals. “On the day I tried to enter, I feared that my body would be violated versus looted.

Williams added, “I don’t know what it takes to be arrested. I thought my story / video had already been confirmed. But I have the paperwork. And I’m still very grateful for the community that keeps me up and praying. No. I am not right but I believe in complete and complete healing! ”

Williams detailed the event on his Instagram page, noting that the young man “followed his house” and had a “zip tie” in his pocket. He said he let his dog out and he was “standing in the yard in front of me.” Once he ran to his house, he “turned the door knob.” He “tried to lift every window and open my porch door by tearing my curtain from its grip.”

Williams said he was on the phone with 911, “locked in a room” and watching from his camera.

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