The Michigan nurse is accused of stealing and selling vaccine cards on Facebook

As conversations continue about showing evidence of a covid vaccine or a negative test, it appears that people are using Facebook to run a few schemes.

A Michigan nurse has been charged with theft and sale of vaccination cards, according to court records.

“According to court records, 37-year-old Bethan Kierzak was responsible for administering the vaccination dose and accessing the vaccination record at his hospital in Southgate, Michigan,” The Guardian reported.

Kierczak has been accused of stealing “vaccine lot numbers” to make them look authentic.

“For four months,” Kierczak apparently sells vaccine cards at $ 150- $ 200 a card using Facebook Messenger.

Kierczak also reportedly paid commissions to those who helped sell the vaccine cards.

“On Aug. 12, the Michigan Police and Veterans Affairs Department reported a tip to federal authorities regarding Kierczak. Further investigations found that Kierczak offered to pay a commission to help sell the card.

After authorities received a tip, it was claimed that VA nurses would sometimes sell 3 vaccine cards for 1,000.

“Regardless of whether a person wants to be vaccinated, we urge everyone to avoid leaning towards such schemes to avoid the need for vaccination,” said Saima Mohsin, acting U.S. attorney for eastern Michigan.

If convicted, both charges carry a 10-year sentence.

Authorities confiscated the fake cards, as needed, as evidence of the vaccine.

As reported earlier in August, Memphis authorities intercepted fake COVID vaccine cards that had the type.

Authorities seized thousands of counterfeit COVID-19 vaccine cards in Memphis, TN, according to CNN. Heading to New Orleans, it was learned that thousands of cards had been seized this year.

“Every night, officers are seizing shipments from Shenzhen, China, to New Orleans, Louisiana, where there are dozens of blank counterfeit vaccine cards,” the CBP said.

Rumiz, what do you think about buying and selling fake vaccine cards?

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