The most unpublished black moment of the 2021 Emmy Awards

Tonight (September 19), the 73rd annual Emmy Awards are being held at the LA Live Entertainment Complex. The show will certainly be full of exciting moments that will entertain viewers, celebrating the best television and streaming shows. All these months of watching are finally over and we predict that the show will feature the most amazing black talent in the television industry.

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Take a look below (and look back) to see the most unexpected black moments of the night!

Only a friend

The number of openings began with a sharp eye response to the host Cedric the Entertainer Coming to check the microphone, one, two, one two, but it wasn’t until then LL Cool J His way through the audience works that we start rocking our seats at home. LL joined Billy Porter, Rita Wilson (It’s called “White Chocolate”. Chet Hanks’ Mama), And a number of other celebrities in a performance app performance of “Just a Friend” that pays homage to the late papyrus. Biz Markey. What a wonderful way to screw people over To open the 2021 Emmy Awards!

Everyone wins Black Better

Cedric the Entertainer Amy started the party with her inaugural monologue. As promised, Neighbor The star did not use his moment to joke with the audience members. Instead, Cedric used his time to highlight โ€œall black nominees,โ€ the best in the ticker class, and all the smiles he promised to bring tonight. But yes, in Cedric’s words, black people all want to see black win Martin Lawrence And Shenenah.

Scream to Michael K. Williams

Kerry Washington It took a while to pay homage to the late actor Michael K. Williams. Before presenting the award for A supporting actor in a drama series, Williams was nominated for his role in the division Lovecraft Country, The Stigma The star took a while to reflect on her legacy.

โ€œMichael was a brilliantly talented actor and a generous man who left us very soon,โ€ he said. “Michael, I know you’re here because you won’t miss it. Your excellence, your art will endure. We love you.”

What do you say now?!?

Robin Thad Proved that comedy always has a place in the Emmys. Its star and author A Black Lady sketch show The fun came because he responded with a sour face after joking Live Saturday night Taken home for an outstanding variety of sketch series. Not letting a single moment go unnoticed, Black Twitter has already turned the response into a meme and we canโ€™t wait to use it when our boss assigns the next responsibility.

Keep them dancing

The show may be about TV but home DJ, Reggie Watts Things are being kept black when it comes to music. Watts, who is the band leader Late Late Show with James CordenThere are different types of melody features Luther Vandros, Jean Knight, Jason Derulo And more as hosts, presenters and winners have made their way onto the stage. He also kept the audience moving in their seats, as a few dancers were caught on camera.

Do you have big dreams?

Debbie Allen She took home one of the highest honors of the evening and became the first black woman to do so. The five-time Emmy Award winner received the Governor’s Award for her accomplishments on television and stage. As soon as he received the award, he became emotional and celebrated what he had brought.

โ€œIt takes a lot of courage to be the only woman in the room,โ€ said Al1, who is Al1, wiping away tears. โ€œA lot of courage and creativity and fighting and faith that I can continue. And me and I have brought a lot of people with me. โ€

Mama has come

Rupel Another won a trophy on Sunday at the 3rd Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Competition program. Rupel’s drag race, Making history as the most award-winning black artist in Emmy history.

“You see there for the kids, you have a tribe waiting for you. We’re waiting for you, Babu,” Ru said after receiving his eleventh Emmy Award.

Ceddy has something to explain

Everyone laughed when Cedric came back behind his three TV wives, all of whom wanted to know which of them was his favorite.

At first he said Tichina Arnold, His current TV wife The neighborhood, She was his favorite.

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“Wait,” Nice Nash, Who played his wife Loli The Soul Man, Interrupted “I thought I was your favorite!”

Terry J. Vaughn, Otherwise known as Lovita Steve Harvey show, Claiming, “I was your real wife.”

The moment was beautiful, especially when Cedric couldn’t decide which of his favorite and trio hotties to look for. Reggie-Jean Page Instead.

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