The mother of Asian Doll and King Vaughan’s son is chatting on Twitter

Saturday will officially mark one year since rapper King Vaughan was killed in Atlanta. Over the past year, there have been several exchanges on social media involving family members, ex and others. The latest exchange was between Kemar, the mother of his ex-girlfriend Asian Doll and his son Devon Jr.

The exchange began on Wednesday after Kema posted a message on her Instagram story in response to a clip on Asian Doll’s Instagram Live.

In the clip, the Asian doll talks to her supporters and admits that King Vaughan was one of the most handsome rappers she was involved with, however, she took a lot during their relationship. He said, “I had it, look what I took, now come on … use your head. I’m not going down that road. I’m not dealing with someone I think is just Fina just crashed Go and it’s stupid. Go to Imma and take the next bright beautiful rapper that’s in the beef, and who’s just like that … Nah we’re not doing that. “

Kema replied and said, “My baby’s father ‘did not die of devastation’. He fulfilled the purpose of life and when God realized that it was his time, he called him home.”

It released a series of tweets where Asian King Vaughan posted an old tweet from Kema.

Asian then explained, “I said I’m not dating someone I think crashed out because I can’t deal with another death … stop chasing me.” He continued, “But you wished for his death and said ‘you hope he will die’ when he left you now you are sick… dumb a ** b ** f, now look at you.”

On Thursday, the women continued to call each other in a series of tweets as they argued over what had been said and done in the past. Kema explains why she decided not to stay calm with Asians after King Vaughan’s death. Asian ends the series of her tweets by sharing a picture of her and her new boyfriend Jackboy, saying, “New chapter, so what.”

As Previously King Vaughan was reportedly killed by rapper Quando Rando’s accomplice Timothy Lex last November. Von and Kwando were shot while fighting.

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TSR Staff: Jade Ashley @ Jade_Ashley94

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