The mother of Jelani Day has dispelled the misconception of ‘organ harvesting’ about her son’s death

His mother Give me a jellyThe 25-year-old graduate student, whose body was found in the Illinois River, went on social media Monday (October 11th) to clarify that her son’s limbs were intact when his body was recovered.

“No organ was missing,” a statement on Facebook said Carmen Bolden Day Said. “I do not want to deviate from the truth. The first primary autopsy had the opposite information than the second primary autopsy, but this was not the case with organ collection.

According to NBC Chicago, a recent report revealed that several organs were missing from Jelani Day’s body when an independent autopsy was ordered by the family. The story of a series published in Chicago Sun-Times Mentioned that Day’s organs were “completely liquefied.”

A graduate student at Illinois State University went missing on Aug. 2. His body was later found in the Illinois River in “unspeakable suspicious circumstances,” police said.

However, LaSalle County Coroner Richard Pluch Said, “Something [of the organs] The body rotted badly due to being in the water, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

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Bolden Day does not want misinformation to confuse family supporters to find out exactly what happened. She said she did not believe her son had harmed her.

“My son did not put himself in the river,” the statement continued on Facebook. “My son has been killed and my goal and purpose is to find out what happened and hold those responsible accountable !!!”

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The day was last seen on Aug. 24 in surveillance footage of an entrance to a dispensary in Bloomington, Illinois. His car was located on August 26 in Peru, Illinois, about 60 miles from the dispensary.

Bolden Day said earlier, “He wasn’t frustrated. He didn’t have any kind of pressure that would make him want to run away from life. So I feel like someone was involved.”

The cause and cause of death were not disclosed, NBC Chicago reported. They are still waiting for the report of toxicology and history among the necessary elements before giving the final report.

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