The NDA lawsuit against Trump has been brought against Omrosa National

Omrosa Manigalt Newman An arbitrator brought against him by has successfully defeated the case Donald Trump The campaigner, who was accused of making public comments and violating an agreement not to publish with a book critical of the former president.

On Monday (September 2), an arbitrator rejected Trump’s campaign claims, with a brief ruling saying the NDA was “limitless, indefinite and unreasonable.” CNN Report

Judgment, Arbiter T. Andrew Brown The NDA’s terms are “much more than would be reasonably expected to protect Trump’s campaign interests,” the American Arbitration Association said.

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The arbitrator added that the NDA tried to hold Manigalt Newman to “the obligation not to say anything critical of Mr. Trump, his family, or his or her family members’ business for the rest of his life,” which is labeled “judgmental.”

The Trump campaign filed the lawsuit in August 2011. On the same day, Manigalt Newman published his book behind the scenes Unnecessary: ​​Trump is an insider’s account in the White House.

The summary judgment states that with Manigalt Newman winning the arbitration case, he can now pursue attorney’s fees.

“Obviously, I’m very happy with this decision,” Manigalt Newman said in a statement. CNN. “Donald has used such alarming cases of intimidation, harassment and rape for years! Finally, Bully has fulfilled his match!”

In Omrosa’s book, he portrays Trump, his former boss, as emotionally unstable, racist, obscene, emotionally abusive, overseeing a conflict between supporters and family members, whose goals he rarely included in improving the state.

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