The newborn nurse has been fired after a picture of a baby with a birth defect was posted on social media

A Florida nurse has been fired by hospital officials for posting a picture of a child with a birth defect on social media.

Sierra Samuels, who worked as a nurse in the neonatal intensive care unit at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, shared a photo of a newborn with gastrosis – a congenital defect in the abdominal wall that causes the baby’s intestines to leak out of the body – her personal social media account, NBC News reports.

The photos shared by Samuels came with a caption that said, “I had a great night, then boom!” And “Not outside the baby inside your gut! #Gastrosis.”

A statement from the Jackson Health System read: As soon as we found out about this potential violation, we immediately placed this employee under administrative leave until the outcome of the investigation. ”

Hospital officials said the hospital officials immediately put him on administrative leave to investigate the breach of privacy. Samuels was fired from his job at the hospital in September.

According to CBS Miami, Samuels has been in hospital since 2016.

Jackson told Health Systems Station that all of its employees go through regular privacy policy training. It states that any potential privacy breaches are taken seriously. Posting pictures of patients without permission is often considered a violation of the Health Insurance Affordability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which is designed to protect people’s medical records as well as other personal health information.

The child’s family has not publicly commented on the matter, and it is unclear who advised hospital staff to post pictures of Samuels.

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