The NYC mother fatally shot her baby in the shower after trying to break up a fight

A pregnant woman living in New York was shot in the head and killed on Sunday (September 12) after finishing her own baby shower.

According to New York Daily News, Heartfelt relatives say the fight started at the age of 31 Shanis Young’s Ex-boyfriend and current boyfriend. She was reportedly killed in front of her two children at the place where her shower was held after leaving the Harlem Catering Hall.

“I helped him put his gifts in the car and I said, ‘I’ll see you tomorrow,'” his father Thurman told the Young Daily News. “She was going to take her baby in five days. He said, ‘This baby is coming in five days, Dad, get ready.’ I said ‘I’m ready’. He told me one last thing. ”

Young was taking gifts from the shower in her apartment building when her ex was spotted and confronted by her boyfriend around 1:15 p.m., police say.

“[The gunman] She came to chase her boyfriend, ”said Jose Morales, superintendent of her building. “They ran back and forth and they ran down.”

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The two men returned to the streets before Young intervened and tried to calm the situation. Police say the angry ex then shot Young in the head.

According to the Daily News, emergency workers took Young to Harlem Hospital, where he died.

The shooter fled after the shooting and has not yet been apprehended. The Daily news His name has not been released because police have not yet officially named him as a suspect.

“I just can’t sleep – I guess I’m in mourning,” Victim’s father told the publication. “The whole of Harlem is mourning at the moment.”

Thurman Young said the baby shower was going wonderfully before the tragic shooting.

“It was a beautiful night,” he said of the shower. “My daughter and I danced, parents danced, and I cut the cake. . . It was packed. We had music, lots of food, lots of drinks.

According to Shanis’ father, Young had ordered three protections against his ex since their separation.

“Shanis was scared to death,” he said.

Friends and neighbors remembered Shanis Young as a very generous man.

“Shanis will give you something,” his father told him Daily news. “He was very generous.”

“He was there at any time of the day,” said an anonymous friend of the victim. “If you need a plate of food or a bottle of water, he’s there. If you need a coat or a sweater, he’s there.”

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